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Here you will learn about Goldie Santiago who is a passionate baker and cupcake maker in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since childhood Goldie Santiago knew she was destined to work in a bakery and perhaps on some level, she knew she was destined to do so in the cupcake world.

Even though Goldie Santiago is well-known for her cupcakes all throughout Utah, she wants to branch out and share her experiences of baking, love of food and her artistic approach to edible art by sharing her experiences with the rest of the world.

Goldie Santiago is not just about her cupcakes. As an avid artist and enthusiast for performances, Goldie spends a lot of her time at art galleries, opera houses and even local coffee shops. Goldie Santiago has taken her culinary experiences from traveling across the world to create elegant, sophisticated and one-of-the-kind cupcake creations that her customers cannot find anywhere else. Through all of these experiences Goldie was able to create a successful cupcake shop in downtown Salt Lake City.

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 Goldie Santiago

has been recognized by numerous charities and local contributors throughout the Utah area, which has helped her spread the word about culinary arts and how every day influences, can turn into a rewarding career.
Now it is time for Goldie to share her passion with the rest of the world when it comes to cupcakes, art and great food. Learn about the hobbies and interests that inspire this amazing cupcake artist, where she got her start baking and even learn a few tips from the master cupcake artist herself by visiting the Tips page. Goldie Santiago hopes that her passion and drive can influence other young individuals out in the world to start their own dream – even if it has nothing to do with cupcakes.


Welcome to the Goldie Santiago site. Happy eating and good times to all!


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Goldie Santiago Website

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